Quality Policy

Quality Goal 2017

1. The "Licogi-Domatco" brand development has been maintained by Dong Anh roofing company as "Vietnam high quality goods" voted by consumers. Promoting the development of the brand name "DOMATEC".

2. Quality of input materials:

- All materials used for production of asbestos-cement roofing sheet, metal roofing, aluminum frame, mechanical processing ... quality and technical characteristics must meet the company's requirements.

3. Product quality:

- Asbestos-cement roofing (AC) products must meet the following requirements:

* Meets TCVN 4434: 2000.

* The proportion of other products A is less than 0.35% of the total number of AC products.

* Breakage rate less than 0.15% of total products.

* Number of slabs per batch was 47.3 pieces / batch.

* Rated power consumption ≤ 0.52 Kwh / plate.

- Metal roofing products, aluminum frame glass, mechanical processing ... to meet the quality standards announced.

- The product is under strict control before being marketed.

4. Always provide quality products and services, timely to satisfy the needs of customers.

                   “Tổng Giám Đốc Công ty”