-  Asbestos cement roofing production line is designed and manufactured according to the most advanced technology in Vietnam. The product is managed according to ISO 9001: 2000 and TCVN - 4334 - 2000 standard. The line is automated the basic stages in the product creation process: Quantitative input materials, standardized materials, molding products, modern equipment with high quality products, Stable, yield reached> 3,000 products / shift production.

-   With the help and cooperation of the Institute of Building Materials, Center for Urban Environment and Industrial Zone of Hanoi University of Construction, the company has researched and successfully fabricated environmental cleaning equipment:

-  Wastewater treatment system: Wastewater meets industrial wastewater standards while at the same time utilizing most of the water through treatment and production to save ground water.

-  Dust treatment system: Dust concentration meets environmental standards to ensure safety for laborers and at the same time use large amount of coal combustion gases to purify water for environmental purification.

-  Solid waste treatment system: Grinding the waste of the production process to reuse and create other products reduce burial costs and make the environment cleaner.

-  Asbestos Blast System: The asbestos grinding process is automated in a closed chamber in a humid environment to ensure that no dust is released into the environment.

- Metal roofing

The company now has modern metal sheet production lines imported from Europe, Asia such as Finland, Niudilan, Korea, Taiwan ... Creation of multi-type products in the category and Design, color. The product is managed under the ISO 9001: 2000 system. The product has been asserted the leading position in the field of manufacturing and supplying metal roofing sheets.

Production line of 6-wave metal sheet (DA - SIMDEK)

9-wave metal sheet production line (DA - PUDEK)

11 wave metal sheet production line (DA - MULDEK)

Production line of metal roof tile (TILE - TILE)

Machine for manufacturing metal accessories