Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Construction Joint Stock Company - LICOGI Corporation - Ministry of Construction (abbreviated as DOMATCO)

Headquarter address: Group 8 - Dong Anh Town - Hanoi

Phone: 04.3883.2504/04.3883.2378/04.3883.5200            Fax: 04.3883.2502

Email: domatco@vnn.vn                   Website: domatco.vn


Precursor unit is transport equipment supply enterprise - directly under the Union of mechanized construction enterprises - Ministry of Construction, established under Decision No. 196 / QD-BXD of January 29, 1980 of the Ministry Chief of Ministry of Construction.

 The development of the unit goes through the following stages:

 + From 1980 to 1987: As the subsidy period, the enterprise operates under the superior plan assigned with the main task of supplying materials and transport within the Union of mechanized construction enterprises in order to meet With the common production task of the construction industry in the country.

+ From 1988 to 1998: The period of abolition of the subsidy regime, the unit self-accounting production and business under the market mechanism, the enterprise was renamed Dong Anh Building Material and Production Company from 1/1 / 1996. The mission of the company has shifted to production and business in many sectors: Transportation business, materials, roofing and construction.

+ From January 1999: To implement the Government's Decree No. 44/1998 / ND-CP on transforming State enterprises into joint-stock companies. Pursuant to Decision No. 1436 / QD-BXD of December 28, 1998 of the Minister of Construction approving the equitization plan and transforming the State-owned enterprise being Dong Anh Building Material and Production Company into a joint-stock company; Dong Anh Building Materials - Roofing.

+ From September 1, 2007: In order to conform with the development of production and business in the market mechanism, the company changed its name to: Dong Anh Investment Construction and Building Material Joint Stock Company.

 After more than 36 years of construction and development, the company has grown up and matured in all aspects, to date has affirmed as a leading enterprise in Vietnam on supplying various types of roofing products (Phibro cement Metal roofing and other roofing); High quality aluminum and glass products and some other services.

 With the viewpoint of sustainable growth, in addition to the economic growth, the company has always paid much attention to environmental treatment, always investing in improving the system of machinery and equipment for automatic upgrading in the sewing. To produce, to improve the working environment for workers and to reduce the emission to the environment. Currently, the company is the leading unit in environmental treatment in the same production units.

 The trust and support of our customers is the driving force for us to constantly innovate and grow. Dong Anh roofing sheets are always appreciated by users, developers and consultants. We are proud to be a provider of service products that contribute to the durability of every project.

 Through the process of creative accumulation, we have affirmed the position and brand name of Dong Anh roofing with consumers. Recognizing the achievements on the Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Building Materials Joint Stock Company, the State has awarded the first-class Labor Medal in 2010, the second class in 2005, the third-class Labor Medal in 1992, the War Medal Third place in 1996, the government emulation flag in 2012, the emulation flag in the Ministry of Construction in 2008, 2006, the high quality award in the construction industry in 2011 and many other noble awards.