Business strength

Business Strength

- Dong Anh Investment, Construction and Building Materials Joint Stock Company is the leading unit in the North of Phibroximang roofing. With modern machinery and equipment, the staffs of staff have high skill, high productivity and stable quality, the company always meet the demand of the market. According to the statistics of the Association of Roofing Vietnam in 2012, the market share of roofing products of the company accounted for 21% of the country and 28% of the North, roofing products of the Company are very dominant and Still expanding production and sales. Phibroximang roofing sheet of the company is the only product in the North of Vietnam manufactured according to TCVN 4434: 2008, implemented quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and selected by consumers as Vietnamese Goods High quality from 1999 to present.

- Two products of metal roofing and aluminum glass have gradually affirmed its position in the market. Although it has to compete with many units producing the same products, the market share is not big, but in order to raise the competitiveness, expand the market and increase market share, the company has flexible policies in Sale, payment, bidding for projects, maintenance of products and works; And qualified to meet the high technical requirements. With the brand name and prestige in the market, the company ensures the competitiveness of the same products of other units.

- With more than 33 years of establishment and development, the company has accumulated its management experience and always prepare themselves a stable workforce of professionalism, attitude and style. Professional service, always ready for any difficult situation in production and business.

- There is a staff of staff with professional skills, strong technical staff and more importantly, there is a team of employees always united, enthusiastic creativity, loyalty and always Work hard for the survival and prosperity of the Company.

- High reliability of contract commitments and meeting time requirements.